DECAGONDEVICES,INC. has officially released the new design Spectral Reflectance Sensors for Canopy measurements.

There are two main types; NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) sensors and PRI (Photochemical Reflectance Index) sensors. The NDVI sensors have 2 photosensors that are sensitive in the 630 and 800nm wavebands, and the PRI sensors have 2 photosensors that measure the 532 and 570nm wavebands. Each type comes in different configurations. The hemispherical configuration has an open diffuser, which is designed to be pointed toward the sky to measure incoming radiation at each respective waveband for that sensor. The “Field Stops” have limiters on the sensors that limit the field of view to about 20°, allowing you to focus them on a specific plant.

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