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F-751 KIVI Quality Meter (FELIX)

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F-751 KIVI Quality Meter (FELIX)

The brand-new F-751 Kiwi Quality Meter, based on the original F-750 Produce Quality Meter, is now available for purchase.  It precisely and non-destructively measures dry matter, and brix to indicate quality and ripeness using NIR (near infrared) technology. The highly portable instrument is designed to work accurately straight out of the box with just a simple push of the button and without destroying any fruit in the process- saving time, product, and money.

  • For growers, the meter not only offers straight cost savings in manpower and destroyed fruit, but additionally, reduces guesswork and provides more data. Measuring more fruit, more often helps growers make better decisions at harvest.
  • For breeders, NIR can help better determine how different applications of nutrients or herbicide affect fruit quality.
  • For distributors, exporters and importers, NIR gives more visibility into the quality of the outgoing and incoming product, laying the groundwork for better decision making and cost savings.

The Kiwi Quality Meter also works seamlessly with Fruit Maps, the free interactive harvest map application co-created by Felix Instruments and Central Queensland University.

Key Features

  • Non-destructive measurements
  • Built-in GPS for easy crop mapping
  • Transflective display for outdoor viewing
  • Rechargeable/replaceable batteries that last all day
  • Ability to create unlimited customizable models for specific varieties or locations
  • Measures traits including, but not limited to:
    • Total Soluble Solids (TSS or brix)
    • Dry Matter
    • Titratable Acidity
    • Internal Color
    • External Color
  • Fast and consistent; scans take 4-6 seconds per sample






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