The DualHead infiltrometer measures soil saturated hydraulic conductivity, or Kfs. It is fully automated and requires no post-processing of data.

  • No Babysitting – Set it up and leave it to add water, maintain correct pressure heads, measure infiltration rates, and calculate K
  • Easy to Carry – Sized for one person to easily carry and install.
  • Simple Installation – Pound in the ring, connect the hoses, and set the parameters.
  • Run 3-4 Simultaneously – Designed and priced so you can account for spatial variability.
  • Eliminate “Guess Factor” – Measures infiltration at two different pressure heads to find (rather than estimating or guessing) the soil macroscopic capillary length factor (alpha).
  • Use Less Water – The DualHead uses air pressure to maintain the pressure heads. No need to adjust and measure water levels.
  • Proven Method – An automation of the method used by Reynods and Elrick (1990) and others.

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