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CI-203CA Leaf Conveyor Attachment (CID)

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CI-203CA Leaf Conveyor Attachment (CID)

Rapid and Non-Destructive.

Perform non-destructive, high-resolution leaf measurements on living plants in any environment with this super light-weight tool. Single-handed operation and unlimited data storage make the CI-203 perfect for the field or the lab. Use the optional CI-203 Conveyor Attachment to achieve rapid measurements of numerous detached leaf samples, and export data later on for further analysis.

Conveyor Attachment

Measure large numbers of detached leaves rapidly by inserting the CI-203 Handheld Laser Leaf Area Meter into the CI-203CA Conveyor Attachment.

The combined unit will execute the leaf measurements and data will be displayed and stored on the CI-203 for later analysis. Samples are fed between two glass rollers for speedy scanning, eliminating the need for high-maintenance plastic belts.

Key Features

  • Self-leveling digital camera provides 150° field-of-view image of the plant canopy
  • Measures photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) and calculates sunflecks using 24 photodiodes
  • Non-destructive calculation of leaf area index (LAI) using images or PAR sensors
  • Calculated LAI of plant canopies across multiple size classes; adjustable camera lens focuses for varying canopy heights
  • Calculation of canopy gap fraction distribution, leaf angle distribution, and plant canopy extinction coefficients
  • No above-canopy reference readings required for gap fraction LAI
  • Image and data visible in the field and saved for further analysis
  • Full, user-selectable range of zenith & azimuth angles, digitally applied
  • User selectable and literature-based thresholding methods, including the Otsu Method and Entropy Crossover Technique
  • Performs measurements under any sky condition
  • Ability to change images RGB (red, green and blue) color value(s)
  • Location acquired via GPS, Glonass, Beidou and Galileo with amplified antenna
  • Internal compass for standardizing measurements across locations
  • Neutral Density Filters included to optimize images across varying light conditions






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